You’re smart, attractive and successful, and yet you feel a lot of the time like you’re running on adrenaline, coffee, sugar and masculine energy. That’s because no one ever told you this secret: You can have both more power and more joy by claiming your unique femininity.

Femininity has nothing to do with wearing ruffles. Nor is it weak, helpless or passive. Being feminine doesn’t mean being a compliant “good girl,” or giving up your power; it means having boundaries and claiming a power that no one has told you about, power that comes from a natural place deep inside yourself and doesn’t burn out–“suasive” power, which pulls rather than pushes and inspires the desired outcome.

Become the woman of your dreams–the woman you’ve imagined in secret, but were afraid to let out–the woman of intelligence, sensuality, grace, and power, the deeply feminine Queen of your own domain.

You’ve always known she’s in there, hidden deep inside your heart and hips—beautiful, seductive, strong, tender and gracious.

Are you ready to free the Woman you were meant to be?

Think what a joy (and relief) it would be to:

•   Communicate from your deepest inner self, and be heard and appreciated

•   Get what you want without demanding or nagging

•   Move in a deep inner feminine rhythm that doesn’t burn you out

•   Be sensually and sexually self-expressed

•   Know how to “speak man” so that you are understood and heard

•   Appreciate other women non-competitively

•   Hold your own in the workplace without having to go toe-to-toe with the boys

•   Feel relaxed and confident in your body

•   Find your unique flavor of the feminine and your leadership style, whether you use it in business, your personal life, both—or just for your own pleasure!

You could be among 12 select women who will enter four days out of time, bask in rich feminine energy, and learn how to recreate that energy in yourself and your relationships through:

·      Movement and sound

·      Taste and sensuous eating

·      Dance

·      Energy play

·      Body language

·      Understanding differences in men’s and women’s psychology

·      Ceremony

·      Presentation skills

·      Learning to receive

·      Setting boundaries and saying no

·      Queens on screen

And more…

If you’ve been feeling like you are: a human doing instead of a human being, doing all the heavy lifting in your relationship, wanting a different kind of experience with men, experiencing burn-out, or just feeling the need for more joy and pleasure in your life, here is your opportunity to turn it around!

If that sounds good, and if you are ready to let go of the “good girl” and become a great woman, I invite you to join us this fall for a Royal Retreat in Europe where you can experiment, explore, and push the limits of who you think you are. Try out being the sensuous, powerful, wise Queen inside you, unfettered by judgment or the confines that hem you in.

We will gather on the afternoon of Wednesday at 3PM and stay in a fully immersed feminine environment of Queen training and royal play until Sunday afternoon.  Please plan on being with us the entire time to get the full benefits of this unique experience. We will have three sessions a day and lots of free time for swimming, walking, napping, lounging, hot-tubbing, yoga, eating sumptuous meals, socializing, wine-tasting and whatever gives you pleasure.

The dates for the fall 2018 retreat are being finalised now…